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Dark web pages that are worthwhile

The Dark Web is the mysterious part of the Internet that can only be accessed with the Tor Browser. Websites with an address ending in ".onion" contain "hidden services" that are not accessible with a normal browser (except with a lot of trickery). The Tor Browser not only enables access to these services, it also offers a high level of anonymity. In the media, the dark web is often associated with illegal activities and there are countless black markets where drugs, weapons, forged documents and much more can be bought. There is a core of truth in the shady image of the dark web in the media, but it is often exaggerated, distorted or simply wrong.

You can also find surprisingly benign things on the dark web that you almost never hear of. This article aims to show that the 'dark' side of the internet has a good side too. And with the current links you can even get an idea for yourself.

We have compiled a list of websites that may be of interest to curious newbies who want to try the dark web in a safe way. Some pages on this list have serious backgrounds, others are funny nonsense. Have fun exploring! Don't know how to get into the dark web? Check out our detailed guide to the Dark Web!

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